Tamarind Seed Powder

Tamarind seed is the raw material used in the manufacture of Tamarind Seed Powder

The seed comprises

  • Seed coat or testa (20-30%) and
  • White kernel or endosperm (70-75%)

The main utilisation of the white kernel is for manufacturing quality Tamarind Seed Powder (TKP) and these kernels are also used as ingredient in cattle feed.

Tamarind Seed Powder (TKP) is a complex mixture containing

  • Galactoxyloglucan polysaccharide (55-65%) the major component of TKP
  • Proteins (18-20%)
  • Lipids(6-10%) and
  • Certain other constituents like Fibers, Sugar etc

Galactoxyloglucan commonly known as ‘tamarind gum’ forms a stiff gel and is used for thickening, stabilising and gelling in food.

Tamarind Seed Powder forms uniform solution on heating with water while stirring. Maximum viscosity is usually obtained after boiling the dispersion for 20-30 min. It has high water absorption capacity and yields high viscosity over a broad range of pH.

Production process and methods are established with high quality adherence policies in order to preserve and provide the natural characteristics of our products at its natural best and very high yield.

Our products are well assured and manufactured with care to provide high viscosity yield, bright colour and 99.5% passing through 300 mesh sieve for all our grades of Tamarind kernel powder.

Various grades of Tamarind Seed Powder are supplied based on specific customer requirements owing concerned industrial sector. Our specialty and competitive advantage is the innovative methods of production and innovative derivative products we supply to various diversified industrial sectors.

Quality Assurance :

Periodical quality assurance tests and measures are practiced by the quality and R&D team to ensure production with quality is delivered right the first time and every time for all our line of products.

Continuous research efforts and adaptation of innovative techniques developed in our R&D facilities plays a very major role in deriving new innovative products suitable for various industrial sector needs.

Properties and Applications of Tamarind Seed Powder

  • It has excellent penetration & film forming property. It is very effectively used for sizing and printing industry.
  • It is widely used as textile printing thickener
  • It is also used for sizing in jute yarn & cotton warp
  • It has extensive use in paper & explosive industry where it is used as viscosity builder
  • It is used as a binder in slurry explosive as a substitute for guar gum
  • It is used as a core binder in foundries & mosquito coils
  • It is used as a sizing material in paper industry
  • It is very effectively used these days by oil drilling companies as soil stabilizer
  • It has numerous other applications & its low cost gives it an edge over other thickening agents
  • Due to its rich content of carbohydrates and protein, Tamarind Seed Powder is also used in producing adhesives

Tamarind Seed Powder is also used in various food processing industries and applied largely in Ketchups, Ice creams, sauces, sherbet, baked food, pet food, meat product and instant noodles. Tamarind kernel powder in textile industry is used with different types of dyes, fabrics for printing applications

Quality & Specification Report

  • Parameters : Test Results
  • Product : Tamarind Seed Powder
  • Application : Textile Printing Thickener
  • Colour (Physical Appearance) : Off White (High Colour)
  • Filtration Test Filter Size(mesh) : 300 mesh (99% passing)
  • Viscosity measurement Viscosity in Cps, Brookfield, Model : LV, Spindle 63, RPM 12
  • % Paste Conc : 4.0
  • At 30 Deg C : 6100
  • % of Moisture : 4%
  • pH (4% Paste) : 7.0

Tamarind Seed Powder quality parameters specified above are preservatives free and parameters vary with different grades.